What’s The Problem?

The earth was designed by God with the capacity to provide for the needs of all its inhabitants, no matter how large or numerous they may be – even if they were more than the current population. But the world in which we find ourselves is one that only gives the goodies of life to the rich and privileged while it gives little or no goodies to the poor. 

In many impoverished countries, many widows and orphans find it very hard to afford the basic necessities of life – especially good and adequate food for sufficient nourishment. Nevertheless, there are charities and also individuals who are concerned about the state of the poor. Having seen that they often do not have adequate food and also lack access to good nutrition, these have taken it upon themselves to draw feeding programs for the number of widows and orphans within their capacity. 

However, most of the food programs are spontaneous as many of the charities do not have consistent and committed donors. 

Who’s got the Answer?

Christian charities sometimes take to the streets or widows’ houses to supply them with food items; they take packs of cooked food to poor children who roam the streets, in addition to the monthly provision of raw food items with some small cash for the poor widows with young children. This benevolence is also reserved for instances when the orphan is a tiny little baby abandoned somewhere in the streets or a trash-can by its mother and needs a lot of care, attention, and nutritious baby formula for healthy growth.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” – James 1:27

Our world today is in a dire need of more men and women who will make the sacrifice of showing the love of Christ to the poor of the world; who will take it upon themselves to mend the torn fabrics of a global society which – although getting more technologically advanced – is actually getting worse as the rate of poverty, widowhood and child abandonment are on an alarming increase.  

What’s the Christian Thing to Do?

The Bible reveals God’s attitude toward the poor, orphans and widows; He cares very deeply for them and commands us to protect and provide for their bodily necessities.

Let no poor person, widow, or orphan go to bed hungry when it’s in your power to work a food miracle, no matter how little it may seem. God has given this task to all His children and not the politicians or taxpayers; let us get down to business and do it cheerfully.