Our History

Aniema “Emma” Udoroh is the founder of Vessels of Impact Ministries International, a Christian charity that seeks to end the poverty cycle throughout Africa and around the world and respond to the economic challenges faced primarily by widows, orphans, and children through ministry resources, other nonprofits, and donations.

During a visit to Nigeria, in particular the South-South regions, it only took a few weeks to absorb the economic climate around the cities and villages throughout the country.

Through engaging conversation with locals and observing the poverty-stricken regions which in most cases encompassed entire city regions, it became evident that orphaned children, widows, and impoverished families were the greatest suffers.

Many of those suffering came from generations of poverty and no education. They are hungry, mentally drained, and have very little hope.

The alarming living conditions and lack of assistance to these weak and feeble populations attributed to the formation of Vessels of Impact Ministries International, to prevent and put an end to poverty.